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Nandi Hills.




Akshardam,Taj Mahal.


Hampi is a historical place in Karnataka. It takes only a day to cover these beautiful remains of vijayanagara empire. All must see monuments are located very close to each other.Hampi can be very hot.You can rent a cycle to explore around.Inorder to understand the significance of the monuments, it is recommended to take a guide.Must see places include Chariot of the Vittala Temple, Virupaksha temple(To experience the optical illusion - you can see the shadow of the gopuram upside down on a wall, make it to the temple by 8 a.m.). The tile image was taked from the backside of virupaksha temple.

A morning ride to Nandi Hills

It takes about 4 hours to complete this trip.Its a short trek to the hill top.The view is not so great.But lot of interesting things to see on the way to nandi hills.There are grape yards, few flower plantations.While returning, don't forget to have hot breakfast at 'The paratha company'.If you are expecting to do paragliding in Nandi hills, the right time to visit would be September to November.

A Three day trip to Coorg

The best time to visit Coorg would be the monsoon season- an ideal time for rafting.The above photograph was taken in a coffee plantation on the way to abey falls.There are lots of interesting areas to cover.One such place is Dubare Elephant camp - a fun day with elephants.They also have package where you can stay ranging from a day to weeks.Check out the fee details below: Try tranditional coorg food at Hotel fort meracara situated very near to the fort and king's seat.Don't miss the musical fountain show at king's seat on weekends. Check out the monastries in kushalnagar.Dubare elephant camp is also near Kushalnagar.

Four day trip to Rajasthan

My first destination in the "Indian Sahara" was Jaipur.The city as such was a huge disapointment.One of the best places to stay is hotel pearl palace - which I realised only after having pre booked a 'not so cool' level accomadation(Hotel Maya Niwas - does'nt have wifi)!I mostly had to escape people trying to sell shiny stuff to us and auto guys trying to offer an overrated(literally) tour package.I visited jal mahal(huge disappointment - I hoped to go via boat to actually visit the mahal.But I could see it from far away from a road.I was better of looking at picture of it), sheesh mahal, birla mandir(good one), city palace. I really liked apending time in choki dhani - situated a few kilometers from airport.People looking forward to shop can shop here at standard rate,have a gala dinner and enjoy the village fair set up.The picture below was taken in choki dhani. By now, you would have guessed that i like elephants - had you read my post on coorg.We went to a place called 'Elefantastic' - was good to see well maintained elephants there.The website of elefantastic mentioned the price for their visit for 3300 Rs.When we went there we could get the same package to as low as 700 Rs.Next we travelled to jaisalmer by train.

Trust me on this- jaisalmer is one of the most beautiful places in India.We took a two day package from 'Trotters' and felt we made a good choice.There was a railway station pickup,rooms to relax.After 2 hours of camel ride,we had tea,snacks freshly prepared amidst the dunes.I spend a beautiful night in the sand dunes area without any tent, just thick matresses.There was even a dog that snuggled into my matress!And Camels love to have their pictures clicked(Check out the tile photo above).

Akshardam and Taj

Delhi, Agra trip was a nice one.Noce to see places include : Red fort,Purana An important place you must visit in delhi is Akshardam.I am not a monuments or a temple person. But this is a marvel that everybody should witness. About 10,000 artisits have worked on this structure for 5 years. Each minute piece of the buiding has a story.The brilliance and magnanimity of this temple was simply overwhelming.Unfortunately photographs are not allowed and I cannot give you a proof for how beautiful it was.Also, dont forget to try out yummy food at Haldirams. The most thrilling encounter in delhi was purana quila light show. It was unlike any other light shows i have seen so far. The story(Delhi rulers) was projected on to a huge wall.The audience had to sit in the park and view.The entry was simply scary and deserted.But once when we met other people who came to see the show with us, I got quite comfortable.The show lasted for more than an hour.

The next stop was agra.Instead of going to taj mahal first I took a detour and visited mentabh bagh, the garden behind taj mahal.It was a nice garden and I got to see that place where shah jahan had laid foundation to build black taj mahal. He was assasinated by his son aurangazeb before he could build black taj mahal as the cost of building it was so much and people would have to starve.

Shimla Manali Drive

My first experience with SNOW.It was smooth feel to touch fresh snow. To go to Rotang pass(and not get stopped at solang valley,a very touristy place) and to see apple trees, it is important that you go during summer.Shimla was a quaint old town.It had the pre independance charm.The ride was very bumpy.