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Paani poori


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Lets gear up and make some awesome paani poori! Here, look at this picture and get tempted!

Paani poori Recipe

Poori :

To make the entire cooking process hassle free, outsource the poori cooking task by buying readymade pooris from shop.


Pressure cook potatoes, chickpeas, green gram, kidney beans for about 40 minutes and allow it to cool down. In the meantime, paani preparation can be done.



Coriander leaves (200 gms)
Mint leaves (200 gms)
Chilies (3-4)
Garlic (2-3 cloves)
Ginger (small piece)
Cumin seeds (10 grams)
Tamarind (3-4 grams)
Black Salt (few pinches)

Make the above ingredient a paste. Refrigerate the water in advance, add this mixture and still well. Squeeze a generous portion of lemon, preferably the whole lemon. Now remove the cereals and potatoes out of the pressure cooker mash them finely. Heat oil in the pan, add the mashed cereals, potato and add salt, chili powder, garam masala, cumin powder, turmeric powder (1 pinch).Garnish it with coriander and a lot of onions.
Sweet chutney:


Boil deseeded dates (10), tamarind (25 grams) and crush them in a mixer grinder. Now extract the liquid out and discard the fiber using the colander. Now boil the extracted liquid, add jiggery, black salt, cumin powder and mix them well.

PS: don’t forget to add some gram flour sev to make it crunchy!

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